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My name is Amy Lindroos

I am a clinical psychologist living in the beautiful archipelago region in south-western Finland.


I provide clinical psychology services in English and Swedish. I am licensed in Finland and follow the Finnish laws and regulations governing healthcare practices. Communication with me is confidential, which means I do not share any information about my clients or potential clients with anyone.

I am originally from Canada. I also provide psychological services online to people outside of Finland. 

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Data security

Talking to a psychologist means sharing personal information which is why data security is so important. 

Video calls are conducted securely. Communicating sensitive information by email or messaging should be done through secure providers. I use a secure encrypted email service provided by proton. Communication by telephone or regular sms is also fine and in line with data security laws. For clients with ongoing contact, I recommend messaging securely through signal. If using non-secure providers for booking appointments (like regular email, facebook messanger, Whatsapp etc.) please do not share sensitive information.

Phone number

+358 (0)44 0488487



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