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Links this week

Here are some of my favorite mental-health links this week

A podcast episode on the science of vigorous exercise on found my fitness

I liked the evidence that was discussed on improvements made in executive functioning with vigorous exercise. Basically meaning that there is some evidence suggesting that executive functioning (like attention and concentration) improves when people engage in vigorous exercise. This can be valuable news for people who have executive difficulties.

This image shared on optionb’s Instagram page is a great way of visualizing different kinds of sad.

This Huberman Lab podcast episode about understanding your emotions

I like how specific and accurate the guest, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett is when she describes the science of emotions.

This Instagram post from the holistic psychologist on developing self-esteem

These free mindfulness sound files in Swedish. Oivamieli is another similar website that I like.

This link to the DBT skills group that started last week at Compass Psychology

This mental health app in Finnish

This beautiful video with images from around the world is perfect for watching if you want to experience awe

A link to my self-care podcast from last week with a self-compassion exercise

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