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My approach

Providing The Mental Healthcare Services You Need

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Evidence based

The approach is down to earth and based in science. I am easy to work with and know what to do to help you move toward greater mental well-being. The psychological care I provide is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Getting in touch with me is easy and does not require a doctor's referral.

Goal oriented

Work with me is goal-oriented. Therapeutic goals are discussed and decided upon early on in treatment. Work is done in-session and between sessions to move you closer toward your goals. 

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The tools are in your hands

Communication with me is open and honest, there are no secrets or hidden aspects of treatment. I work with tools primarily from the CBT framework which I teach throughout sessions. I also use tools from DBT, ACT, mindfulness, and self-compassion. By the end of treatment, clients are better equipped to use the tools to take care of their own mental health. 

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