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Psychologist Session

Specializing in psychological treatment

Your mental health is in good hands


I am a licensed psychologist providing private mental healthcare. 

On this website, I describe the services that I provide online in English. To find out about the services I provide in Swedish visit my Swedish page. 

My approach

High quality services for your mental health

I provide psychological treatment for individuals with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, anger, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, postpartum-related issues, disruptive behavior, eating disorders and stress. I work with individuals going through a crisis and those with relationship challenges. I provide psychological services for individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders (or neuropsychiatric symptoms) to find tools and solutions for challenges in daily life. I work with parents who are struggling with their mental health and those who need parenting support. I work with immigrants and expats and am knowledgeable about the unique mental-health challenges these groups face.  

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For clients in the Helsinki area, you can make a booking with me through Compass Psychology

I work at our Helsinki office twice a month and meet clients remotely as well


Phone number

+358 (0)440488487



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Please book appointments through text message or email 

I also have a Signal account for messaging.

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